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eXp Realty is sweeping the nation faster than any other real estate brokerage in history. It is the #1 Agent-Owned Cloud-Based Real Estate Brokerage in the World. Don’t be fooled by other cloud-based brokerages claiming to be competing with us. If they don’t have everything I am talking about throughout this article, then they don’t compare.

eXp offers agents competitive splits and fees, tons of weekly live training that you can attend anywhere, and support through our cloud office, email, and Workplace. There is an opportunity to connect with thousands of agents with just one post. Additionally, eXp awards real estate agents stock (EXPI) for hitting specific production and attraction benchmarks. Finally, eXp offers agents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to build an income stream called revenue share.

These are just some of the benefits of eXp Realty. Agents also receive the very best in lead generation websites and CRM systems, kvCORE. Plus, learn about how agents that have licenses in multiple states pay ONLY 1 cap with eXp. Finally, find out what the ICON agent program is and how eXp agents can earn their cap back in the form of EXPI stock every year.

KvCORE Real Estate Website + CRM

At eXp Realty, all agents are given access to a massive lead generation platform called kvCORE (Formerly called Kunversion). kvCORE is an all-in-one solution that gives agents their own lead generating website and back-end CRM database. You also have access to many templates that you can use as well as the marketplace with allows you to connect other third-party solutions to improve your touches to your database. Used together, this system helps agents generate leads from a variety of sources both online and with traditional methods.

The front-end website looks amazing and is very informative to potential leads and clients. You are able to semi-customize your website to fit with your personal branding. Users can create an account that will let them save properties and searches so they may be alerted to changes. Also, you’ll have access to see all the properties that they are looking at, saving, and which searches they are interested in.

The powerful CRM system allows agents to manage an extremely large database of leads without ever dropping the ball on communication. Some of the features of the KV Core CRM include smart email drip campaigns, texting straight out of the system, and the ability to create landing and squeeze pages to support lead generation by even the least tech-savvy of agents. Most importantly, there are training and support to help you create your CRM to work for YOU.

exp realty event calendar

eXp Realty offers over 80+ hours of LIVE training every week. This training can be accessed anywhere you have internet access via our cloud campus. Training ranges from lead generation, contract training by state, scripts and dialogues, social media management, video and blogging, and much more…

Training classes are taught by ICON agents from all over the country. ICON agents are the best eXp agents, associate brokers, and team leaders that have reached a certain production requirement. The quality of training that exists within eXp is like no other quality of training out there! I have yet to see any other company compete at the same level as eXp.

500+ eXp Realty Support Staff

Agents are supported by over 500 US and Canada based support staff 11 hours a day within our cloud office. Staff ranges from transaction management, agent concierge, tech support, accounting, HR, team support, onboarding support, plus many other departments…


Know exactly where you stand related to your cap, how much income you’ve earned for the month and year, and how many agents have joined your revenue sharing organization. No need to hunt down your office manager to get an update or crazy spreadsheets to figure it out. Here is an example of what it looks like.

There are many tools eXp gives to agents to collaborate, share referrals, and help one another. Workplace by Facebook is one of my favorite tools used by eXp agents. This community looks and feels like regular Facebook, however, it’s only for eXp agents, leadership, and staff that have access. I use it as my Facebook page with friends. There are groups, referral networks, and a directory of everyone within the company that you can message within a moment’s notice. You can be as active as you want on it. What I really use it for is posting questions either in the California State group asking questions about how someone might use a form, or how a special rule will apply. I also like to jump into the watercooler page and post a question to all the agents, in the whole company, across the world. It is really cool. I was never able to get access to that many agents with one locally owned broker. Because you have access to agents from all over, you will hear new things that aren’t standard in your area. Why not incorporate it into your area and change the way you do your business… There are some really big events like eXpCON and our annual Shareholders Summit where you can meet more agents as well.

Revenue Sharing – Come join my organization

This is one of my favorite things that eXp has to offer. Coming from Keller Williams, I was very familiar with Profit Share. But to have Revenue Share is such an awesome idea. What is the difference you ask…profit share means you only get paid your referral fee for bringing an agent to the company only if the office makes a profit. That means if your office is struggling to make money, then you don’t get paid for that referral.

revenu share plan chart

Revenue Share is when you get paid your referral fee from eXp no matter how the company is doing financially. Just brilliant. I am writing a separate blog about eXp Rev Share since I feel that it is just that important. eXp Realty gives real estate agents the opportunity to earn additional income streams. The first additional income stream is revenue sharing. What is Revenue Sharing? Revenue Sharing is eXp’s way of giving back a percentage of their revenue from commissions earned to you for helping to grow the company. I look at this as a referral fee. This money comes from eXp Realty’s side of the split.

Because eXp Realty does NOT have all the overhead experienced by most traditional brokerages like brick and mortar offices, redundant staffing positions, and corporate recruiters, team leaders, and franchise owners, eXp can reward agents off the top, in the form of revenue sharing. You can earn this revenue share from agents all across the US and Canada regardless if you attracted them to the company in the same state or not. Also, revenue share is paid out as a percentage for each deal from your preferred agent. Meaning that even if the agent you brought to eXp only sells one deal, you still get paid a certain percentage for that one deal. Why is this even important…? Because this can redefine your business, your life, your retirement. I will get into this in more detail under my “eXp Rev Share – how passive income can change your life” blog. In a nutshell, for each agent, you refer to eXp you get a percentage of their $16,000 cap that they pay to the company. Once you refer 40 agents who sell at least one deal, you get an opportunity to earn up to their $16,000 cap.

To make it even better, if those 40 agents each bring on an agent who closes deals, you get a percentage of those caps as well. This is how it falls like dominos..slowly…then all of a sudden it just takes off. What would you do if you earned $40,000, $80,000, even $100,000 a year just for introduction other amazing agents to eXp.

Stock Awards

eXp Realty agents have the opportunity to earn company stock in multiple ways. Have you checked out our stock price yet? Google EXPI. EXPI (NASDAQ) $109.14 +6.22 (+6.04%). At the time I am writing this, our stock price is $109.14. When I joined 3.5 years ago it was at $7. I was so happy to have stock at that price. Typically, as an agent you don’t get stock, so to have options to buy and be given stock, I am all for it. Now at $109.14…I am thrilled that I am here and have used all these ways to accumulate more stock, hence more passive income that I get just by doing what I am already doing.

As an agent can elect to take advantage of eXp Realty direct-purchase plan. This is an optional program that allows agents to have 5% of their gross commissions automatically deducted to purchase eXp stock at a 10% discount to what the stock is being publicly traded at.

Next, agents can also be awarded free shares of eXp Realty stock for doing things they would normally in real estate anyway. For example, when an agent closes their first deal, caps, or attracts someone into the company and that agent closes their first deal, you are awarded stock. This stock, which is given to agents for free, is vested for 3 years. This means the agent needs to stay with eXp Realty for 3 years from the time they are awarded the stock to be able to sell it.

Finally, the ICON agent program awards agents who reach their commission cap and do another $5000 in transaction fees will get their $16,000 back in the form of eXp stock. As an example, an agent hits their commission cap of $16,000 by earning $80,000 in gross commission in one year. 20% of that goes to eXp equaling $16,000. After that time, the agent earns 100% minus a $250 transaction fee. If the agent does another 20 deals at a $250 transaction fee equaling $5,000 they are now eligible to receive their ICON status and stock award.

eXp Realty Fees and Commission Splits

eXp Realty believes that the value proposition of the broker to the agent should be so good that it would be irresponsible for an agent to hang their license anywhere else. Supporting that belief is the extremely low cost of startup and monthly fees for all the value gained with eXp.

The initial startup is $149, which includes 1000 business cards. After this, the monthly fee is $85 and includes your tech (all those amazing training, marketing portal, KVCore, and more).

The split is 80/20 with a $16,000 cap. After an agent-caps, they go to 100% with a $250 transaction fee. This transaction fee is then reduced to $75/transaction after paying $5,000 in transaction fees.

In addition to the above fees, the agent pays $40/transaction for risk management (which caps at $500/yr) and $25/transaction for broker review.

All of the fees above are based on a US agent. For Canada, the split stays the same, however, the fees are as follows: $199 startup, $139 monthly, $17/transaction risk management ($200 cap), and $29 for broker review.

For more detailed information on eXp Realty, let’s connect. See the form below, fill it out to request time to speak with me in more detail to see if eXp would be the right fit for you.

I here am special benefits when joining my organization at eXp Realty. It doesn’t matter where you are located. My organization helps you to succeed in real estate and in growing your revenue share. I am helping real estate agents all over the country to increase their profits & build additional revenue streams. I am helping agents build for retirement. Together, we can make this year and every year amazing.

Looking to work with a business and profit strategist coach? Let me know that you have an interest in coaching when you fill out the form below for a call. Space is limited with my private coaching and group coaching. I have a waitlist if there are no available spaces.

Let’s talk more about how eXp can change your life. Click below to set up a call.

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